Monday, 15 June 2009

The Shepherd and Shepherdess. Beamish, Stanley, Co. Durham. DH9ORS Tel:0191 3700379.


The Shepherd and Shepherdess had been known to me for about 30 years. About the time of my first visit to the Beamish Museum with my wife and very young children. I did not go in to the pub at the time but I was looking forward to my tipple this time round.
Quite a pretty pub to look at but its reputation as a real ale drinkers home was something I was to be disappointed about.
An 'L' shaped room had a good feel to it mind, but only 2 of the 5 wooden handles were in use. Wells Bombardier and Black Sheep (a pint of which I had) stood in lonely isolation. What a let down! On top of that, I sat on the sun umbrella covered seats outside only for it to rain, after a beautiful afternoon's sunshine.

My second call about 18 months later was a much more satisfying experience. All pumps working and the beer spot on. The food was good and the service 1st class from the staff. The atmosphere was friendly and welcoming. I hope it continues.

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  1. do you know if lunchtime food is served? thanks