Saturday, 14 March 2009

Mr Lynch (your neighbourhood bar Jesmond's Only 2am Licence) God help Jesmond's drinkers!!

Archbold Terrace, Jesmond, NE2 1DB.

It didn't exactly set my soul on fire to find only 1 real ale pump in the whole place. Old Speckled Hen. Managed to make myself heard above the musical din blasting out of the bar's speakers. This was a lunch time!
Sat at a table and promptly got tomato sauce all over my hand having picked up one of a multitude of assorted menus complete with two half finished plastic ketchup sachets attached.

Friday, 6 March 2009

The Ship Inn, Stepney Bank, Newcastle

The Ship Inn, Stepney Bank. Another of the 'Ouseburn Trail' of ancient 'proper' boozers.

I'm now convinced that the sun does shine on the righteous. Or is it the Ouseburn? Every time I come down here for a pint the sun is shining!

Although I couldn't quite get used to the 'circular' feel of the room which disappears behind the bar, the Hadrian Gladiator which I enjoyed in this pub was heartwarming. I had two just to make sure I could get round the full circle .

I did wonder, however, if the owner had done a deal with, or was the previous owner of, Swan Hunters. More than a modicum of Battleship Grey paint was in evidence in the gentlemens (and the ladies??) toilets. It took me so long to get in and out of the sticking doors for the umpteen coats of grey paint, I had to have another pint ! Another one of Baldrick's cunning plans no doubt.

Nevertheless, a most pleasurable visit and one I look forward to repeating.
A decent set of real ales to enjoy too.

The Burglar's Dog Guide to Drinking Newcastle upon Tyne

The Burglar's Dog

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

The Dun Cow Bournmoor

The Dun Cow, Primrose Hill, Bournmoor, DH4 6DY. Tel:0191 3852631.

A fine pub/restaurant, a bit isolated on the A1052, but in beautiful countryside.

Once inside the feeling of warmth and comfort was smashing (except for the bloke lying prone on the floor in the bar area; but more of him and the ambulance personel in a moment).
There were two good real ales to be had. Adnam's Broadside(lovely) and Old Bear Brewery's Bruin, which were juggled regularly with others.

Now for the afternoon's entertainment.
This bloke apparently stumbled in the bar. Not unusual you might think(I know I often do so myself), but this poor sod has a metal insert in one of his legs which collapses. No, I'm not making this up and it's not the intro for a joke!

So the ambulance arrives to find him lying on the floor and in excruciating pain. They can't move him without a pain killing injection. Now comes the tricky bit. The bloke's petrified, and I mean really petrified, of needles!
After a half hour of failed persuasion, the ambulanceman is silently wishing he'd kept his job at the Co-op delivering pies. But without warning, the National Health training and a bit of individual wit and skill comes in.
'What's that over there?' says our intrepid NHS man.
'What ?' says our quaking patient, turning his head to see.
Then .GID IP!! The needle's in and 20minutes later the patient's on a stretcher and off to hospital. Genius, pure genius!

A pleasant afternoon. A tasty pint. Comfortable surroundings. Cracking (Ooh, that was uncalled for Jack!) entertainment.

On to my next task. Duty calls.

Monday, 2 March 2009

The Cumberland Arms

The Cumberland Arms, James Place Street
(near top of Byker Bank) Ouseburn, Newcastle. Tel:0191 2656151.

It turned out to be a beautiful, but bloody cold, evening at 5pm when I called at the Cumberland Arms at the end of my day at the Free Trade's beer festival.

The Cumberland did not disappoint in atmosphere, mishap and incident.

Atmosphere.I limped in to a near full bar, a blazing fire, a lovely pint of Wylam's Rapper and my spare pair of shoes still in my coat pocket.(there on the sound advice of 'the Burglars Dog'). Someone, however, was not so lucky.(see incident).

Mishap. Having had my fair share of drink (beer festival), I decided to pay a visit to the gents. Now the Cumberland Arms bar is not the biggest in the north east by any means, so I decided to leave my visible means of support(aluminium crutch) and venture forth without it. No sod told me there was a downward step immediately on opening the loo door. The clever designer must have had a mate with similar disabilities as myself and built a green 6 foot fence at just the right distance to catch the staggerer just as the door closed behind. Otherwise the gents were perfectly satisfactory.

Incident. The view from the generously tabled and seated sun patio out front, is terrific. Right across the valley of the Tyne to Gateshead at the other side. The only thing to disturb the chat and the quoff of the throng out there was the sound of car window glass gently breaking. Yes, the local constabulary had to pay a visit to speak to the young lady whose transport home would unfortunately be considerably chillier. Whether anything had been taken , my nose was too far down the inside of my delicious Rapper to tell.

Cask Task can only say that if the entertainment upstairs(music, theatre, comedy, poetry etc) is as good as it promises to be then a further visit is a must.

To visit their website, click the link The Cumberland Arms Pub, Ouseburn

Sunday, 1 March 2009

The Tanners

The Tanners , 1 Byker Bridge(top of Stepney Bank), Newcastle.
Tel:0191 2221817 Part of the Ouseburn Trail

The Cluny, Lime Street, Ouseburn

The Cluny Lime Street Ouseburn Newcastle
The Cluny, 36 Lime Street, Ouseburn, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 2PQTel. (public / office) 0191 2304474Te. / Fax. (office) 0191 2304475E mail
Manager Julian Ive

An ancient building the Cluny and the most unlikely of pubs to look at. I could have walked straight past it!
In a past life it was apparently a whisky distillery which fell into disuse and stood empty for umpteen years, before being discovered by the younger element as a super place to have 'raves'!!
It was refurbished some years ago and reopened as a pub, joining the 'Ouseburn pub trail'.

A simple but tasty meal can be be purchased and a fine selection of beers and lagers are on sale.

Four real ales are served, one of which I sampled (how unusual of I). A pint of Jarrow's Geordie Pride, however, quickly turned into another which was just as delicious as the first!
On my way to the loo, I passed a little door which turned out to be a dim but sizeable entertainment cavern. Music and live bands can be seen and heard on some nights I was told.

So! What turned out to be an unlikely pub had a few pleasant surprises.

The Tyne Bar, Newcastle uopn Tyne

The Tyne Bar (or Tyne.Com) used to be called the Ship Tavern, but was changed by its present owner, about 15 years ago. He came from the Egypt Cottage whose sign is on the wall in the Tyne Bar!
It is, naturally enough as the Ouseburn is at its front door, on the 'Ouseburn Trail' and I was introduced to it about a year ago by an attractive woman.
Although small, (the bar not the woman) it houses many a decent bit of entertainment whilst still retaining its ancient cosy character.
Four real ales are on tap so I thought I might as well try one. What a little tinker, eh! Wylam Brewery's Gold Tankard turned out to be an excellent choice.
To visit their website click this link The Tyne, Bar, Ouseburn