Friday, 6 March 2009

The Ship Inn, Stepney Bank, Newcastle

The Ship Inn, Stepney Bank. Another of the 'Ouseburn Trail' of ancient 'proper' boozers.

I'm now convinced that the sun does shine on the righteous. Or is it the Ouseburn? Every time I come down here for a pint the sun is shining!

Although I couldn't quite get used to the 'circular' feel of the room which disappears behind the bar, the Hadrian Gladiator which I enjoyed in this pub was heartwarming. I had two just to make sure I could get round the full circle .

I did wonder, however, if the owner had done a deal with, or was the previous owner of, Swan Hunters. More than a modicum of Battleship Grey paint was in evidence in the gentlemens (and the ladies??) toilets. It took me so long to get in and out of the sticking doors for the umpteen coats of grey paint, I had to have another pint ! Another one of Baldrick's cunning plans no doubt.

Nevertheless, a most pleasurable visit and one I look forward to repeating.
A decent set of real ales to enjoy too.

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