Sunday, 1 March 2009

The Cluny, Lime Street, Ouseburn

The Cluny Lime Street Ouseburn Newcastle
The Cluny, 36 Lime Street, Ouseburn, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 2PQTel. (public / office) 0191 2304474Te. / Fax. (office) 0191 2304475E mail
Manager Julian Ive

An ancient building the Cluny and the most unlikely of pubs to look at. I could have walked straight past it!
In a past life it was apparently a whisky distillery which fell into disuse and stood empty for umpteen years, before being discovered by the younger element as a super place to have 'raves'!!
It was refurbished some years ago and reopened as a pub, joining the 'Ouseburn pub trail'.

A simple but tasty meal can be be purchased and a fine selection of beers and lagers are on sale.

Four real ales are served, one of which I sampled (how unusual of I). A pint of Jarrow's Geordie Pride, however, quickly turned into another which was just as delicious as the first!
On my way to the loo, I passed a little door which turned out to be a dim but sizeable entertainment cavern. Music and live bands can be seen and heard on some nights I was told.

So! What turned out to be an unlikely pub had a few pleasant surprises.

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