Monday, 2 March 2009

The Cumberland Arms

The Cumberland Arms, James Place Street
(near top of Byker Bank) Ouseburn, Newcastle. Tel:0191 2656151.

It turned out to be a beautiful, but bloody cold, evening at 5pm when I called at the Cumberland Arms at the end of my day at the Free Trade's beer festival.

The Cumberland did not disappoint in atmosphere, mishap and incident.

Atmosphere.I limped in to a near full bar, a blazing fire, a lovely pint of Wylam's Rapper and my spare pair of shoes still in my coat pocket.(there on the sound advice of 'the Burglars Dog'). Someone, however, was not so lucky.(see incident).

Mishap. Having had my fair share of drink (beer festival), I decided to pay a visit to the gents. Now the Cumberland Arms bar is not the biggest in the north east by any means, so I decided to leave my visible means of support(aluminium crutch) and venture forth without it. No sod told me there was a downward step immediately on opening the loo door. The clever designer must have had a mate with similar disabilities as myself and built a green 6 foot fence at just the right distance to catch the staggerer just as the door closed behind. Otherwise the gents were perfectly satisfactory.

Incident. The view from the generously tabled and seated sun patio out front, is terrific. Right across the valley of the Tyne to Gateshead at the other side. The only thing to disturb the chat and the quoff of the throng out there was the sound of car window glass gently breaking. Yes, the local constabulary had to pay a visit to speak to the young lady whose transport home would unfortunately be considerably chillier. Whether anything had been taken , my nose was too far down the inside of my delicious Rapper to tell.

Cask Task can only say that if the entertainment upstairs(music, theatre, comedy, poetry etc) is as good as it promises to be then a further visit is a must.

To visit their website, click the link The Cumberland Arms Pub, Ouseburn

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