Thursday, 30 July 2009

The Maltings 9,Claypath Lane, So.Shields.Tyne&Wear, NE33 4PG. Tel:0191 4277147.

The Maltings had been a restaurant. But after my very pleasant visit to the Robin Hood in Jarrow, the original home of the Jarrow Brewery, I thought a pint or two in their new place in So. Shields might be worth a try.
Getting parked was a nightmare and the exterior of the place was a bit naff, but once inside it was all worthwhile.
A terrific old stairway leads to a very impressive bar. And I mean impressive!

Wood everywhere, a U shaped bar and split level eating and drinking area. It must be seen to fully appreciate it. For gronks like me, not being able to manage the staircase, a huge lift takes you to the bar.The ground floor is of course inaccessible, being taken up by the most important part of the building. The brewery!
On then to the bar and the beer. There's even a place on the wall for newspapers, although the painter/printer can't spell Chronicle!(stop being a clever shite Cask Task).
All their ales are obviously available. Caulker, Rivet Catcher, Jarrow Bitter etc, but I settled for my favourite Swinging Gibbet. Superb it was too.

A visit is a must.

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