Monday, 15 February 2010

The Job Bullman, St Nicholas Avenue, Gosforth, Newcastle Upon Tyne. NE3 1AA. Tel:0191 2236320


The Job Bulman, formerly the Post Office on St Nicholas Avenue, just off Gosforth High Street, is an enormous Wetherspoons pub. Quite plush inside and as usual, freindly and busy.
The first time Cask Task had seen the place, and we were impressed.

Although I have said this before about Wetherspoons, its not my idea of a pub.
You can't fail to be impressed with The Job Bulman though. Good food, reasonably priced and an enormous selection, 9 to be exact, of real ales at extremely good prices. But its still like going to a restaurant for a pint of beer!

From the Arundels Black Beastie, which was loverly incidentally, through Newmans Wolvers Ale, Moondance from Four Marks at Hampshire, Westgate Brewerys Flankers Tackle (I do like these names-- not like John Smiths!!)...... oh I could go on and on 'til I frothed at the mouth and fell over backwards!

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