Friday, 26 February 2010

The Denton, West Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE5 2JJ. Tel:0191 2750014.


The Denton was called in by chance on the way home, after a busy days research (stop laughing) on Cask Task's behalf. We didn't think it a likely real ale pub. How wrong can you be!

A large and very comfortable watering hole it turned out to be. With a new inovation to us. The tasting rack!
For the princely sum of £2, if your not so sure which real ale will suit you best, you can have 3 glasses, 1/3 pint each, to sample before you decide which one to get persistently plastered on. What a grand idea, don't you think?

The selection was, Cloud Nine by Smiles Brewery, Murdues Workie Ticket, Courage Best Bitter, Springhead Sweet Lips and Harviestouns Bitter and Twisted.

For a place this size The Denton was a surprisingly welcoming pub.
Get yourself in for a jar and try it.

Apparently, a good eatery to boot.

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