Wednesday, 15 April 2009

The Church Mouse, Chester-le-Street

The Church Mouse
Waldbridge, Chester-le-Street, DH2 3SL.
Tel: 0191 389 2628

The Church Mouse.What a wonderful name for the place, but then , as I've regularly drank and eaten at its sister places, The Badger at Ponteland and The Snowy Owl at Cramlington over the years and both have strong romantic attachments for me, it is not surprising.

They all have the same feel and atmosphere, but I mustn't go rambling on's get's too personal.

The Church Mouse tries, and to a certain extent succeeds, to give the 'pub' feel with its small selection of real ales.The Caledonian 80, with its hint of caramel in the taste, was a surprisingly good pint but I must push on before the tears of nostalgia take a hold! As well as the Black Sheep and the Timothy Taylors Landlord beer!

See you later.

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