Saturday, 7 February 2009

The Strawberry, 7/8 Strawberry Place, Newcastle, NE1 4SF. Tel: 0191 2326865


Find St James Park and you've found the Strawberry.

It seems to me that the Strawberry has always been associated with the Toon and its football. It stands at the Gallowgate corner (see photo) where I began my fortnightly pilgramage in the 50s.

Although I've followed United since birth, as my father did before me, the Strawberry was never my pub. It was always packed on match days and until today I had never been inside. A pity because its full of Newcastle United interest. The main beam across the bar has been decorated

with fairly accurate sketches of post-war United stars who entertained a 'young lad' like myself.

'Sir Les ','SuperMac','Wor Jackie','Len White',etc.etc.etc..I won't mention them all, in case, like me, you want to visit the pub and give yourself a little entertainment.

The Strawberry offers a regularly changing quartet of real ales one of which,Moorhouse Pride and Pendle, I, with great satisfaction, quoffed. Closely followed by a second.

The remainder of the interior is unremarkable except for the multitude of stadium, match and team photos adorning the walls. Some years ago an upstairs (see photo) outside sun patio was


Howay the Toon. But do sink some of the Strawberry's good ales before you leave!

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  1. Yeah, I bet that's a really tough and unpleasant job!! ;D