Sunday, 15 February 2009

Black Horse, Low Fell, Gateshead

The Black Horse on Kells Lane at Low Fell is a pub
that carries Wylam Brewery Ale. I've known about it for years but have never been in. Strangely enough its my pal's local, which was my reason for the visit.

On a cold winter's night I ventured in to find a superb Wylam Gold Tankard ale on sale. Marvlious.
GOLD Tankard ABV 4.0%
Champion Beer of the CAMRA Tyneside,
and Darwen Lancashire Festivals
Made with all gold ingredients - Pale
Malt, Golden naked oats, First Gold
Hops, with a Willamette hop finish.
Fresh clean flavour with a hint of
grapefruit citrus from the Willamette
late hops

Blow me if it wasn't the pub quiz night! Of course I got roped in to that.A good night was had by all, particularly me with the Gold Tankard, but I was kindly given a lift home by my pal's son's girlfriend. Sounds complicated to me!

A pleasant enough pub and a good pint. What more could a man ask for.

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