Sunday, 15 February 2009

Crows Nest, Percy Street, Newcastle

The Crows Nest, formerly known, 'cobbers', as the 'Oz Bar', is a very popular food orientated establishment at the university end of Percy Street.

It happened to be monday lunchtime when I called and the place was full. It backs on to Newcastle University and the clientelle appeared to be 50% young diners, 40% shoppers in for a meal and the rest drinkers. Not a real prop-up-the-bar type of pub then.

However, the food looks reasonable in both quality and value, hence the full house!
My main purpose for calling of course was the beer.

Three hand pumps were in evidence. Two of which were the strong Abbot Ale and the excellent Wells Bombardier. The third was Greene King IPA(yuk). Something there to, maybe, tickle your tonsils?

Although the bar's not to my liking, I must say the staff were very friendly and business like.

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