Wednesday, 7 October 2009

The Clarendon. High Street East, Sunderland, Tyne & Wear.

The Clarendon in Sunderland was pointed out to Cask Task as a real ale pub that must be seen! So off we went to have a look.

There it is above. Not a place to give great enthusiasm for the serious drinker! Built in the 1600's the pub was always a drinking house but was first officially licenced in 1727. Getting on a bit then eh! But Cask Task is not to be daunted and entered.
It's like stepping into the late 1800s or early 1900s. Magical.
Walk into the pub and facing you is a cast iron oven and fireplace from somewhere in the last century and the bar area feels the same. Walk on through to the rear window and the view directly below is onto the river Wear. Very impsessive.
A pint of the local brew was called for.
A glass of Sol, a very pale beer, went down very nicely thank you. But where it came from was a mystery soon to be solved, when a Mr. Steve Potts appeared from the depths below the Clarendon where there is a brewery.
That tiny alleyway just to the left of the pub states the name as the Bull Lane Brewery. And it brews Jason's Jinja, Ryhope Tug, Clary Brown ( a super dark ale,my favourite), Sauce of the Niall and of course the Sol. What a selection.
Steve was just on his way to put the finishing touches to the Bull Lane Brewery's particiation in the Sunderland Octoberfest on the 8-10th October 2009 at the Bonded Warehouse in Sunderland.
Good Luck and I hope it went well.

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