Thursday, 4 March 2010

Swinburne Arms, 31 North Side, Stamfordham, Newcastle Upon Tyne. NE18 0QG. Tel:01661 886707.


The Swinburne Arms is one of two Stamfordham pubs on the village green.

Although it's the quieter of the two, it very much depends what you're looking for. One is all hustle and bustle but the Swinburne is more relaxed and just as friendly and full of character. It does feel like a proper village pub. By though it was a cold visit to the toilet out the back.
Cask Task spent a very enjoyable hour or so in the pub.

The real ale choice comes from two pumps. The inevitable Black Sheep and Wylam Festival Ale were on sale and the Festival Ale did go down well.

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