Thursday, 4 March 2010

The Keelman, Grange Road, Newburn, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE15 8NL. Tel:0191 2671689.


The Keelman was not an easy place to find.
Having supped a considerable amount of Big Lamp's ales over the past few years, it seemed like a good idea to visit their brewery and pub at Newburn. Cask Task got there eventually and was very pleased to do so. It's an impressive old place.

The brewery was originally a water pumping station in the 1800s, left to fall into partial ruins, but was lovingly rebuilt and reopened in 1998, with the Keelman pub alongside.
Well furnished and very busy when we called, there is a superb selection of Big Lamp real ales to choose from. Sunny Daze, Big Lamp Bitter, Summerhill Stout (right up my street!), Prince Bishop, Big Lamp Premium and Sky Diver were all there.

Good food is also served.
Definitely well worth a visit.

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