Monday, 21 September 2009

The Olde Ship Hotel. Seahouses, Northumberland. NE68 7RD. Tel. 01665 720200.


The Olde Ship Hotel in Seahouses is one of the best run real ale pubs I know and I must admit I've known this one for a good few years now!

Busy or quiet, the bar tables and seats are always immaculately clean and the real ales immaculately well kept.
Ruddles County, Courage Directors and Old Speckled Hen are the mainstays but Border Brewery's Farne Island was a tasty pint when I called.

My first visit to Seahouses was in the 1950's when you could walk from one side of the harbour to the other without getting your feet wet. The fishing boats were so numerous and so tightly packed in! You're lucky to find half a dozen in there now. What a shame.

Visit the Farne Islands while you're there too.
My parents loved the place and we must have had about 4 or 5 years caravan holidays on the trot there, when the ancient steam train from Chathill took us right into the middle of Seahouses, which was the terminus. What a wonderful place it was then. But I digress.

The Olde Ship Hotel's bar is a must visit, not only for the lovely ales, but hours can be spent with a few pints studying the multitude of fishing tackle and fishing boats paraphernalia on the walls and hanging from the ceiling.
Get in there for pint.

It's a must if you're ever anywhere near it.

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