Friday, 11 June 2010

Carts Bog Inn, Langley on Tyne, Hexham, Northumberland. NE47 5NW. Tel:01434 684338.


The Carts Bog Inn was originally built around 1775.
It stands virtually on its own and looks, to all intents and purposes, like a roadside cottage. Get yourself inside though, and its a welcoming and attractive little country pub and restaurant.
A decent number of diners seemed to be thoroughly enjoying the grub while we concentrated on the beer.

The three hand pumps offered up Northumberland Brewerys Fuggles Gold, Hadrian and Borders Tyneside Blonde and I couldn't resist trying the Bog Bitter from Mordues. Very nice.

Another wonderful little pub around the edges of the roads from Newcastle to the Lake District and Carlisle.

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